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Where it all started!Liberty Bell RestaurantGinger Dearth - Andy's Personal Secretary and "General Manager"

In Liberty Indiana, over 20 years ago, Liberty Bell started in a little house at the edge of town.  Who would have ever dreamed it would have bloomed into the business it has become?

Liberty Bell Wholesale:  In 1980, a brand new building was built across the street from the little house.  Visitors started coming from everywhere to visit Liberty Bell.  There they could find grocery items, tools, household goods, clothing, house wares items, pet supplies, paper goods, as well as many other general merchandise items for retail sale.  You can still find your favorites there.  Whether you own your own business or not, you may buy in bulk supply.  You may call us at (765) 458-7485.

Liberty Bell Restaurant & Lounge:  In 1990, Andy opened up a restaurant.  The building was originally an old car dealership.  Now along with the lounge that was built in 2009, Liberty Bell Restaurant seats over 300 visitors.  At Liberty Bell Restaurant, you can enjoy all your favorite food items for the entire family.  On special evenings, you may even take in some Karaoke entertainment or a live band.  You may call them at (765) 458-6115.

Liberty Bell Fireworks:  In 1998, Andy Pitcher started the “Liberty Bell” Fireworks business.  Because Andy goes to China directly and places his orders, he has cut out the middle man.  He is able to sell Fireworks at a bare minimum cost to you.  The fireworks consist from all of the smallest to the largest that the state of Indiana will allow him to sell.  Visitors may buy for their own enjoyment.  He supplies over 200 locations throughout the tri-state.  If you are interested in selling fireworks at your place of business, Liberty Bell can help you with all of the necessary paperwork to be legal.  Just call them at (765) 458-7485.

We would be amiss if we didn’t include an individual who is greatly responsible for the general operation and well-being of the Liberty Bell Company.  That person is Ginger Dearth.  If Liberty Bell is as our “body”, Ginger would be compared to the “heart”.  She is always there, when anyone needs anything.  Never too busy to help or advise.  “On the job”, even when not physically at work.  Thanks Ginger for all that you do.


By the way, if you need something shipped via UPS, she is there to advise and help with your needs.  The Liberty Bell Company is a UPS shipping location.

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